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Sandy Edwards decided to become a spiritual healer despite having no sign of natural ability

Once trained by The Healing Trust, and experienced, she approached a senior consultant at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients. Soon after starting this voluntary work, she instigated one of the largest healing trials in the world. The clinical research study was conducted by a top university and funded by the National Lottery

Discover how these amazing events came about, and the surprising results!

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Inner Traditions, Simon & Schuster (Australia/NZ) (Canada) (UK) (USA), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound

Also available in German

Sleep Easy & Be Well MP3 - £6

All proceeds benefit the Healing Trust’s charitable work

This spoken word recording helps the listener to relax and drift into deep and nourishing sleep. The background sound, with no beat and no chimes, has been designed to be intensely soothing.

'A very impressive book with spectacular research results. Patients and clinicians should take this seriously.'

Dr Michael Dixon LVO, OBE, FRCGP, FRCC
Chair of Council, College of Medicine; Chair of NHS Alliance

'Truly remarkable findings written in an easy- read style. Stimulating and engrossing.'

The Duchess of Rutland
Patron of The Healing Trust

Send me your healing story

If you have a healing experience, I invite you to send it to me for publication. If you are willing to be identified, I shall endeavour to team you up with a media contact. If you prefer to remain anonymous, I can include your account in my next book.


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